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Danam Nagender praises kcr, slams brs leaders

Danam Nagender said that he will go to Parliament after winning as Secunderabad MP. He stated that if BRS working president KTR goes to the court on his candidature, he will also answer in the court itself. They said that if what they did was right, then what is happening now is also right. Danam said that it is not appropriate to make unnecessary allegations against Chief Minister Revanth Reddy. In three months, Chief Minister Rs. If they earn 3500 crores, how much would the BRS have earned in ten years, asked Dana. He said that there is no truth in the allegations that he changed the party to protect his assets. After joining the TRS party, Dana Nagender challenged him that he is ready to give up everything if he shows that he has accumulated assets. He said that he was working as an activist in TRS and prepared to contest as an MP. He expressed confidence that he will win the upcoming parliament elections.