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Actor Bijay Anand Comments On Adipurush Criticism 🎥✨

Rebel star Prabhas starrer Adipurush movie is still criticized somewhere. Based on the Ramayana, the audience was raving about this movie.

In this, the scenes and characters shown by Om Raut were highly angered. He also criticized Om Raut for the recently released film Hanuman. But recently actor Bijay Anand made interesting comments on Adipurush movie trolls. He is currently acting in the movie Bade Mian Chote Mian. Participating in the promotional of this movie, he said to, “I am a lover of painting and the concept of painting is that if a painter has a blank canvas in front of him, it is up to the artist what to paint on it. It's their choice, canvas, money, time. Rs. His choice of canvas, paint and colors for the film directed by Om Raut at a cost of 600 crores is up to him. Don't watch if you don't like it. Who are we to criticize art? To start criticizing art means that you are still degrading. Good art or bad art is not what you say it is. That is the interpretation given by the artist. Don't call it good or bad if you don't like it. I don't take sides. Just being fair. What will society do if we make people sit and judge.. They will always fear artists.

Art should not be criticized. Also, directors should not be intimidated into thinking again. You have to create a path to success, but you should not criticize so that you take a step back with criticism. Omrauth is not afraid of trolls. He is very brave. That's why I like him. Currently Bijay Anand's comments are going viral.🎥✨


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