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PVR boycotts Malayalam movie bookings at theaters 🎥✨

The movie Manjummal Boys created a sensation from the Malayalam industry. The Telugu version of the film was screened in PVR multiplexes.

This issue has suddenly become a topic of discussion after this film, which is continuing with a good run, has been stopped. However, some members of the Kerala Film Producers Association have recently started a content providing company. But the decision was made to make it mandatory for all theaters to buy digital prints only from this new company called PDC. This decision was not liked by PVR, the largest multiplex in the country. Refused to buy digital content from PDC.has stopped showing Malayalam films including dubbed versions across India for the time being. It seems that PVR has no intention of screening Malayalam films in multiplexes until the producers' association lifts the order. The sooner this issue is cleared, the sooner the producers will get relief.🎥✨