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"'Z' Category Security for Nara Lokesh: A Plus or Minus? 🚔"

'Z' category security provided to TDP's young leader and former minister, Nara Lokesh, by the central government. As soon as he steps out, four armed guards with 'AP 47' rifles are on his tail, not to mention the additional security personnel accompanying him. This has turned Lokesh into a highly protected figure, a move that TDP leaders claim is a positive development. But, what's the reality here? How beneficial is 'Z' category security for a rising politician?

Let's rewind to an incident involving YSRCP leader Jagan in 2012. During his condolence tours, a plea was made to the then UPA government to provide him with security, leading to the court mandating 'Z' category security due to his high-profile status as a former CM's son from a region known for factional violence. Interestingly, Jagan refused this security, asserting that the people were his protection. This gesture allowed him closer interaction with the public, enhancing his image significantly.

Fast forward to today, and Nara Lokesh, without any apparent threats or maoist dangers, opts for 'Z' category security, potentially distancing himself from the common man. Critics argue that such heavy security might not only isolate him from party cadre but also from the general public, making it difficult for ordinary people to approach him. This situation might not bode well for a leader aiming to build a strong connection with the masses. Observers are now debating whether this move is more of a liability than an asset, suggesting that for a leader in the making, less might actually be more.