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Yadadri Laddoo Prasadam Increasing Demand and New Measures!

The divine laddoo prasadam of Yadadri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy is gaining immense popularity, second only to the renowned Tirumala Tirupati laddoo. As more devotees visit the Yadadri temple, the demand for this sacred prasadam is soaring. Let's take a closer look at the recent developments and the measures taken to meet the growing demand.

Increasing Devotees and Demand

Yadadri, a spiritual hub, sees an average of 30,000 devotees daily, with numbers exceeding 65,000 during weekends and holidays. Devotees consider it auspicious to take home the laddoo prasadam after their visit. However, the combined location of prasadam tokens and distribution has led to congestion, making it difficult for devotees to purchase the prasadam.

New Measures for Smooth Distribution

To address this issue, temple authorities have set up a new prasadam ticket counter next to the Shiva temple. This allows only one family member to go and collect the prasadam, significantly reducing the crowd. As a result, prasadam sales have increased considerably. In comparison to April, May saw an increase in prasadam sales by ₹1,74,63,580. The total revenue from prasadam sales in April was ₹3,05,08,630, while in May it reached ₹4,79,72,210.

Ensuring Quality and Preventing Misuse

To prevent misuse of prasadam tokens, the temple authorities have handed over the responsibility of printing prasadam purchase receipts to the Central Bank of India. This move has helped prevent recycling of receipts, leading to increased sales.

National Recognition for Yadadri Prasadam

The laddoo prasadam of Yadadri has received national recognition. After the Tirumala laddoo, it is highly favored by devotees. The temple’s prasadam has been awarded the BHOG (Blissful Hygienic Offering to God) certification by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

This recognition and the measures taken by the temple authorities ensure that devotees receive the prasadam smoothly and hygienically, enhancing their spiritual experience at Yadadri.