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Why Snakes Don’t Bite Pregnant Women 🐍🤰

In Hinduism, snakes are considered divine and are worshipped. Snakes are associated with deities like Shiva and Vishnu. One prevalent belief is that snakes never bite pregnant women and that they become blind when near them. Let’s explore the reasons behind these beliefs and the stories from our ancient texts. 📖🐍

Why Don’t Snakes Bite Pregnant Women?

Snakes have natural instincts that allow them to detect if a woman is pregnant. Pregnant women produce certain chemicals in their bodies that snakes can sense. However, there are deeper, mythological reasons found in Hindu scriptures.

Mythological Explanation

According to a story from the Brahmavaivarta Purana, a pregnant woman was meditating in a Shiva temple. She was deeply engrossed in her meditation when two snakes entered the temple and started to disturb her. Unable to continue her meditation, the woman felt helpless. Angered by the disturbance, the child in her womb cursed the entire snake race, decreeing that any snake that approaches a pregnant woman would become blind. This is why it is believed that snakes do not bite pregnant women and become blind in their presence. The child born to this woman became famous as Goga Ji Dev, Shri Teja Ji Dev, and Jaharveer. 🐍🔮

Important Points to Remember

  • Killing a snake is considered a great sin in Hinduism. Those who kill snakes are believed to face numerous misfortunes.

  • It is advised not to kill snakes, especially near pregnant women, as it is believed to bring harm.

  • Despite the myths, encountering a snake can still pose a danger to pregnant women and their unborn child. Therefore, one must always be cautious and seek immediate help if a snake is spotted nearby. 🐍⚠️