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Why Lighta Lamp Near Tulsi in the Evening? The Story Behind It

Tulsi (Holy Basil) is highly revered by Hindus, symbolizing purity and devotion. Every morning and evening, many people light a lamp near the Tulsi plant, believing it purifies the surroundings and brings divine blessings to the family. There is a fascinating story behind this practice according to ancient scriptures.

The Story Behind Lighting a Lamp Near Tulsi

Tulsi is considered an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and is deeply loved by Lord Vishnu. Various scriptures and stories highlight the importance of Tulsi. According to the Skanda Purana, lighting a lamp near the Tulsi plant and worshipping it helps one attain moksha (liberation) and absolves all sins. The Padma Purana also details the benefits of worshipping Tulsi, stating it provides liberation to one's ancestors.

Why Light a Lamp in the Evening?

The reason behind lighting a lamp near Tulsi in the evening is rooted in an ancient story:

Thousands of years ago, a woman, due to her actions, became impure and was disrespected by her husband. As a result, she wandered into the forest and suffered from severe health issues with no one to care for her. She found shelter in an ashram with two other women. One evening, she saw them lighting a lamp and praying near a Tulsi plant. Moved by their devotion, she decided to do the same.

Unfortunately, she passed away due to her ailments on that very evening. When the attendants of Yama (the god of death) came to take her, they were informed that she was destined for Vaikuntha (the abode of Lord Vishnu) instead of hell. This was because lighting the lamp near the Tulsi plant, which is dear to Lord Vishnu, absolved her of all sins, granting her a place in heaven. Thus, it is believed that lighting a lamp near Tulsi brings immense spiritual benefits.

Spiritual and Health Benefits of Lighting a Lamp Near Tulsi

  1. Purification of Surroundings: Tulsi has natural antibacterial and purifying properties, and lighting a lamp enhances this effect.

  2. Divine Blessings: It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu bless the household where Tulsi is worshipped.

  3. Health Benefits: The presence of Tulsi and the practice of lighting a lamp can create a serene and peaceful environment, promoting mental well-being.

  4. Removal of Negative Energies: The light from the lamp is said to ward off negative energies and bring positive vibes to the home.