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VillageMystery: Ghost Haunts Chuttumetta Village, People Terrified 😱

Chuttumetta is a small village surrounded by thick forests. 🌳🌲 One evening, just as the darkness began to settle, a woman named Anasamma stepped out of her house. She heard strange noises coming from the forest. Curiosity got the better of her, and she took a few steps towards the sound. But what she saw terrified her so much that she ran back to the village screaming. The villagers are now gripped with fear. What did she see? What happened in the forest? The events that unfolded are scarier than any horror movie.

This isn't a horror drama like Virupaksha or a fictional tale like Kanchana. It's a real story from Chuttumetta, a small village in the Pedabayalu mandal of Alluri district. The villagers, mostly daily wage workers, are now living in fear of a ghost. People are dying mysteriously, and the villagers believe it's the work of an evil spirit. They say the latest incident surpasses even the scariest scenes from horror movies.

One evening, Anasamma went into the forest for some work. As she ventured deeper, loud screams and cries were heard. The villagers gathered in confusion and fear. Anasamma ran back, screaming. From that evening, she started behaving strangely.

Her family and the villagers, noticing the change, called a witch doctor. The doctor set up an elaborate ritual, claiming he could drive away the ghost. He asked a person to hold Anasamma tightly while he performed the ritual. But, shockingly, both the person holding Anasamma and the witch doctor fell unconscious and later died. The whole village was gripped with terror. Now, stepping out at night has become a nightmare for the villagers.

The twist in this story is that after their deaths, four more villagers fell seriously ill the next day. Everyone is convinced that the village is haunted. Another big twist is that a health camp was conducted in the village the day before these events, and the doctors had declared everyone healthy.

The mystery of the deaths in Chuttumetta remains unsolved. The sudden deaths of two people and the subsequent illness of others have left the villagers in a state of panic. Neighboring villages are also talking about the mysterious events in Chuttumetta.