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Venuswamy's prediction that KTR will be arrested 🗳️✨

Venuswamy, who gives personal horoscopes to celebrities in the film industry and celebrities in the political field, needs no special introduction. In fact, he also turned into a celebrity by telling the horoscopes of all of them.

Be it in the field of politics or in the field of cinema, he firmly held that he would be in the news if he gave any horoscope to anyone at any time. That's how videos related to interviews are released on social media. Recently he made comments about former Telangana minister KTR. Leaders and activists of Bharat Rashtra Samiti are expressing concern over his latest astrology. He said earlier that KTR will be arrested this year. Venuswami, who participated in a program recently, reminded this once again. He said that KTR will definitely be arrested this year. But he was not told in which case he will be arrested. But it remains to be seen how far Venuswami's prophecy comes true. Some social media accounts in the name of Congress are also sharing Venuswamy's video and pushing the pink ranks into self-defence. 🗳️✨