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Top-8 Highlights from PM Narendra Modi's Interview! 🔥

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently gave an exclusive interview to TV9 Network's Five Editors, revealing significant insights and statements about his administration's plans and philosophies. Here are the top 9 highlights from this engaging interview:

  1. Confidence to Guarantee: PM Modi discussed the transformation of public trust from 2014 to a guaranteed belief in his leadership by 2024, backed by a decade of governance.

  2. Promise of Performance: Modi emphasized that every word from him comes with a guarantee, assuring the citizens of his commitment to fulfilling promises without just being empty talk.

  3. Corruption Rankings: Modi claimed that if there were medals for corruption, the Telangana Congress government would receive a gold medal, and the previous BRS government would have silver, making a strong critique of regional governance.

  4. Change in AP: Reflecting on the mood shift among the populace in Andhra Pradesh, Modi highlighted the massive turnout at the Chilakaluripet rally as a significant indicator of changing political winds.

  5. Against Religious Reservations: PM Modi reiterated his stance against religion-based reservations, discussing the historical constitutional debates and affirming his position to uphold the constitutional framework.

  6. Political Alliances in Telangana: Modi accused the BRS and Congress in Telangana of covert collaboration, predicting their downfall and BJP's rise in the region.

  7. 100 Days Plan: The Prime Minister shared his ambitious plans for the first hundred days of his potential third term, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of India's constitution, promising nationwide celebrations and discussions on responsibilities along with rights.

  8. Regional Politics Respect: Modi stressed the importance of respecting regional political aspirations, emphasizing that alliances should not be limited to electoral benefits but also reflect national integration and respect. These points underscore Modi's strategic narrative focused on governance, corruption, and the political future of India, setting the tone for the upcoming election cycle and his vision for the country.