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Tollywood's Ban Threats to Payal Rajput! 🚨🎥

Payal Rajput made a sensational entry into the Telugu film industry with "RX100," capturing the hearts of audiences instantly. Despite several commercial movies afterward, she didn't gain much attention. However, her recent movie "Mangalavaram" surprised everyone with its success, winning several awards and accolades. Her performance in the female-oriented film was widely praised.

Currently, Payal is busy with multiple projects and remains active on social media. Recently, she announced her upcoming movie "Rakshana," where she plays a police officer, and shared the posters. However, her latest social media post regarding this movie has caused a stir.

Payal's Shocking Revelation 💬

In her post, Payal revealed that "Rakshana," originally titled "5WS," was shot between 2019-2020 but faced delays in release. Now, the producers are trying to cash in on her recent popularity and success. She claimed they haven't paid her dues and are asking her to promote the film. Despite her team's discussions, the producers threatened to ban her from Tollywood.

Payal stated:

  • Unpaid Dues: The producers haven't cleared her remuneration.

  • Threats: They threatened to ban her from Tollywood.

  • Verbal Abuse: They used inappropriate language in recent meetings.

  • Legal Action: Payal plans to take legal action against the producers for releasing the film without clearing her dues.

Viral Post and Industry Buzz 📲

Payal's post has gone viral, sparking discussions in Tollywood. Fans and netizens are supporting her, leaving comments in her favor. Everyone is now waiting to see how the producers will respond to these serious allegations.