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🎉 #TirupatiGangammaFestival: The Final Spectacle!

Hey everyone! The vibrant Gangamma Jathara, the grand festival of Tirupati's village deity Tatayyagunta Gangamma, is reaching its thrilling conclusion. On the 5th day of the festival, devotees worshipped the goddess in the Matangi avatar, with a grand procession from Ananta Veedhi to the Gangamma temple.

Prominent figures like TTD Chairman Bhumana Karunakar Reddy, Tirupati Mayor Sirisha, Deputy Mayor, and Tirupati YCP MLA candidate Bhumana Abhinay participated in the festivities. The procession was a spectacular display of various forms, costumes, and artistic performances parading through the streets of Tirupati.

Starting from Ananta Veedhi, the first gateway of Tirupati, the procession moved through Patnoolu Veedhi, Ramachandra Pushkarini, Prakasam Road, Krishnapuram Police Station, Gandhi Road, and Bandla Veedhi, finally reaching the Gangamma temple.

Devotees expressed their devotion and spiritual fervor, continuing the tradition of spiritual pilgrimage as part of the festival. Under the leadership of TTD Chairman Bhumana Karunakar Reddy, a large number of devotees adorned themselves with sandalwood paste, kumkum dots, neem leaves, and participated in the procession in Matangi and other mythological costumes. The event featured a dazzling array of performances, including Navadurga, Tapetagullu, Dappu dances, Teen Maar, horse-drawn carts, Kommu Koya, Dinsa, Puli Vesha, Garagalu, and Bonalu art displays. TTD Chairman Bhumana highlighted the efforts to spread the glory of Mother Gangamma worldwide through the procession. He mentioned that the festival has been celebrated with grandeur since the temple's reconstruction.

Bhumana assured that the Jathara would continue to grow in splendor, noting that large numbers of devotees have been fulfilling their vows and participating in the procession over the past three years. On the 6th day of the festival, devotees will adorn the Lime Pot costume to seek Gangamma's blessings. The festival will conclude on the day after tomorrow with the symbolic ritual of Chempa Narakam (cheek piercing).