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💰 #TigerShroff Slashes Remuneration by 70% After Flops

Hey Bollywood fans! Here's a surprising update about star hero Tiger Shroff. Known for his action-packed roles and impressive dance moves, Tiger Shroff's recent films haven't been hitting the mark at the box office. His latest movie, "Bade Miyan Chote Miyan," also failed to impress audiences, adding to his recent string of flops.

Career Challenges

Tiger, who once commanded a staggering ₹30 crore per film, is now facing a tough phase in his career. With no new projects currently in hand, reports suggest that producers are demanding Tiger to slash his remuneration by 70%. This means that for his upcoming movies, Tiger might only be earning ₹9 crore.

Social Media Buzz

This news has gone viral on social media, leaving fans in shock. Many fans are rallying behind Tiger, offering their support and hoping for his swift comeback to the top. They believe that despite the setbacks, Tiger has the potential to bounce back and regain his form.

Support from Fans

Fans are pouring in their best wishes, encouraging Tiger to stay strong and keep pushing forward. They are confident that with his talent and dedication, he will soon be back in the game, delivering hits once again.

The Road Ahead

While it's a challenging time for Tiger Shroff, this adjustment in his remuneration could open new doors and opportunities, allowing him to collaborate on diverse projects and explore different genres. His fans are eagerly waiting for his next move and are excited to see what he brings to the screen next.