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"This Time They Left Me Alone": Navdeep's Intriguing Comments on Bengaluru Rave Party

Bengaluru's rave party case has become a hot topic in the Telugu states. The involvement of many from the Telugu film industry has sparked extensive discussions in Tollywood. Out of the blood sample tests conducted so far, drugs were found positive in 86 individuals, leading Bengaluru police to issue notices to Telugu actresses Hema, Aashirayi, and others. The Bengaluru Narcotics Police have accelerated their investigation into this rave party. With many Telugu people involved, even the Telangana government has started focusing more on this case. Rumors suggest more names might surface soon. Amidst this, comments by Tollywood actor Navdeep have gone viral on social media.

Navdeep's name often surfaces whenever there's a drug case investigation in the Telugu states. A while ago, his name was mentioned again. However, in the current Bengaluru rave party case, his name hasn't come up. When asked about this, he remarked that many might be disappointed that his name didn't appear this time.

Navdeep, who is currently promoting his movie "Love Mauli," responded to questions about the Bengaluru rave party during promotions. He humorously mentioned that people on social media questioned why he wasn’t mentioned in any fake news this time. When a journalist pointed out that he wasn’t accused this time, he joked, "I guess something good has happened. They left me alone this time."

Navdeep also commented on the nature of rave parties, mentioning they happen day and night and vary by country. "Love Mauli," starring Navdeep and Bhavana Saagi, directed by Avnindra, is set to release on June 7.