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The Unsolved Mystery of Sita Kund in Bihar: A Natural Wonder 🔥💧

Located in Munger, Bihar, Sita Kund is a site steeped in Hindu mythology and history, believed to be the place where Sita Devi underwent her Agni Pariksha (fire ordeal). This sacred pond, known for its perpetually warm waters, remains an unsolved scientific mystery even today.

Mythological Significance

  • Agni Pariksha Site: Sita Kund is revered as the location where Sita Devi underwent her fire ordeal to prove her purity.

  • Religious Importance: The pond is considered holy, and the water is believed to be blessed due to its mythological significance.

Unique Characteristics

  • Perpetual Warmth: The water in Sita Kund remains warm throughout the year, including during the spring season. This unusual phenomenon makes it a place of intrigue and reverence.

  • Nearby Ponds: Adjacent to Sita Kund, there are four other ponds named after Ram, Lakshman, Bharat, and Shatrughna. Interestingly, these ponds have cool water, contrasting with the warm waters of Sita Kund.

Scientific Enigma

  • Unexplained Phenomenon: Despite various scientific investigations, the reason behind the consistently warm water in Sita Kund remains unexplained. Scientists have conducted numerous studies but have yet to decipher this natural marvel.

  • Physical Dimensions: Sita Kund is approximately 20 feet long and wide, with a depth of 12 feet. Studies have shown that the water temperature remains warm for about eight months of the year, slightly reducing during the summer.

Cultural and Religious Events

  • Year-Round Pilgrimage: Devotees visit Sita Kund throughout the year, particularly during the month of Magh for a special fair.

  • Magh Mela: This month-long festival attracts many tourists and pilgrims who bathe in the warm waters and offer prayers at the temple.

  • Makar Sankranti: During this festival, a large number of devotees gather to take a holy dip in Sita Kund.


Sita Kund in Munger, Bihar, is not only a place of deep religious significance but also a natural wonder that continues to baffle scientists. The pond's perpetually warm water remains a mystery, drawing pilgrims and researchers alike to explore its secrets and bathe in its holy waters.