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The only hero who has done 39 films in a year..

Currently South movies are popular all over the country. All movies are loved by the audience regardless of whether they are young or old. If the content is good, then they are providing a blockbuster hit. Senior heroes are also getting success because of this.

However, it is known how busy the heroes were in the 80s and 90s with a series of films. Each hero acts in at least three to four films per year. Their films would come before the audience one after the other.

Heroes like Krishna (Krishna), NTR, ANnar, Shobhan Babu, Krishnam Raju have made their mark in Tollywood. Each has its own specialty. In this sequence, Krishna became the hero who has done more films in a single year in the industry.

Superstar Krishna created a record by acting in 18 films simultaneously in a single year in the 90s. Another hero set an all-time record by acting in 39 films in a year in India.

He is none other than Malayalam industry megastar Mammootty. In 1985, he acted in 39 films simultaneously and set a record. Before that, he acted in 69 films in two years. He acted in 35 films in 86.

It is remarkable that he himself said in previous interviews that he was shooting for 16 hours a day. And because of the huge visuals and action scenes of today's heroes, even one film a year is becoming difficult. Mammootty last entertained with films like 'Yatra 2' and 'Bhrama Yugam'.