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The Goat Life: AR Rahman's Soul Stirring Video Song🎼✨

Malayalam hero Prithviraj Sukumaran starrer "The Goat Life" is getting ready for theatrical release on 28th of this month in Malayalam along with Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada languages.

The film is based on Benjamin's novel Goat Days and is directed by award winning director Blessy. Visual Romance banner has produced this movie with a huge budget as a prestigious project in the Malayalam film industry. Double Oscar winner AR Rahman has recently released the lyrical song 'Tejame Rahmanena..' from the movie "The Goat Life".

The lyrical song 'Tejame Rehmanena..' was penned by Mouli and sung by Jitin Raj. AR Rahman composed beautifully as always. This is an emotional song sung by the hero who is in dire straits while chasing his girlfriend. Rahman's appearance in this song is special. Rahman, who himself went to the shooting of this movie, felt the conflict and nature of the hero character there. Rahman revealed in the lyrical video that he composed this song with that feeling.

The life story of Najeeb, a young man who left Kerala and migrated abroad in the 90s in search of livelihood, is going to be shown in "The Goat Life" based on real events. Along with Prithviraj Sukumaran, Hollywood actor Jimmy Jean Lewis, Amala Pal, KR Gokul, Arab famous actors Talib Al Balushi, Rick Aube acted in other key roles in this movie.