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Thaman Gave A Hint On The Music Of Pawan Kalyan's Og Movie🎥✨

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is busy with politics while doing films as a hero. He is busy campaigning for assembly elections in AP. As far as Pawan Kalyan's movies are concerned.. Pawan has lined up back to back movies. Among Power Star's movies, Oji's movie has good expectations among the fans. Sujith is directing this movie. Sujith, who did Saaho with Prabhas, is now directing Oji's film. Saaho movie talk gave a kick to the darling fans. With that, huge expectations have been created for Ozzy's movie as well.

The glimpses that have already been released from this movie have increased the expectations of the movie. Sensational music director Taman is composing the music for this movie. Taman's music for Glimpse has brought joy to the fans. Music is the highlight of this video. Fans are making various videos for this music on social media.

Recently a fan of Pawan created a video with this music and shared it on social media. Taman reacts to the video. The video was edited so that while Pawan was walking, the building behind him would explode. Responding to this, Taman said that this is only the beginning, so Taman gave a hint that the music of this film is going to be on a different level. The fans are happy with that. Priyanka Mohan will act opposite Pawan in Oji movie. This movie will be released worldwide on September 27, 2024.🎥✨