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Telangana Narcotics Police Focus On Bangalore Rave Party

In a recent development, Bengaluru police have issued notices to actress Hema and several others from the industry in connection with a drug case. Those who receive notices must attend police interrogation in Bengaluru. This has become a hot topic in industry circles, with intense speculation about what Hema might reveal during questioning. Key questions include who introduced Hema to drugs, how long she has been using them, and who else is involved in her circle. Bengaluru police are digging deep into these matters, making Hema’s interrogation highly anticipated.

Meanwhile, Telangana's Narcotics Enforcement Wing is also focusing on the Bengaluru rave party incident. Following the establishment of the Narcotics Enforcement Wing, Telangana police have been actively destroying drug sources. They are now investigating how drugs reached the Bengaluru party from Hyderabad. With many Telugu people found at the party, the Hyderabad narcotics police are gathering their details. This single case could unravel many complexities, prompting Telangana's narcotics police to be on high alert. They aim to obtain details of the drug consumers at the party and also focus on the peddlers who supplied the drugs.