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Telangana Film Exhibitors Warn Producers: Big Shock for Movie Lovers! 🎬💥

The rise of multiplex theaters and the influence of OTT platforms are causing small cinemas to empty out. With no proper movie releases, theaters are often found vacant. In response, theater owners have called for a two-week shutdown. Recently, the Telangana Film Exhibitors issued a stern warning to the film industry, setting ultimatums for producers. If demands aren't met, theaters will shut down. They want the industry to adopt practices from other states, such as percentage-based payments to exhibitors.

Single-screen theaters are facing continuous losses due to fewer releases and dwindling audiences. This led to a shutdown announcement by theater owners. In a press meet in Hyderabad on Wednesday, Telangana Film Exhibitors spoke out about critical issues. They warned that if producers don't pay the required percentages, single-screen theaters will close. Over the past decade, 2,000 single-screen theaters have shut down, and more may follow if producers don’t cooperate.

Exhibitors are demanding that producers pay percentages like in other states and clarified they won't screen movies on a rental basis. They issued an ultimatum that only percentage-based payments will be accepted, similar to multiplex practices. Producers have until July 1 to comply. However, they made exceptions for upcoming major releases like "Kalki 2898 AD," "Pushpa 2," "Game Changer," and "Indian 2."

In a major decision, Telangana Film Exhibitors announced that they will no longer show benefit or additional shows. They criticized some distributors for turning the film business into a gamble. To counter this, benefit and additional shows will no longer be shown.