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SuperhitSequels Gearing Up for Massive Success!

It is different to expect success.. It is different to knock on the door of success that no one expected. If the audience lifts up the beauty, what would be the best way to get down from there?! But some makers have understood this.

Hanuman makers say that if it starts small and increases the span, that kick is different. Hanuman movie started as a small movie and created a boom in this Sankranti period.

The team held a 100-day celebration at Patika Kendras at this time when the centenaries disappeared. With the same enthusiasm, the makers are planning Jai Hanuman without compromising on the budget.

The same happened with Kannada Kantara. Kantara, which was made with the concept of Bhuthakola with 16 crores, collected more than 400 crores and became a divine blockbuster. With the excitement of this movie, the team has now targeted Oscar together.

The Kannada prequel team's idea is that every step is towards Oscar. The Kannada movie that tasted this before Kantara was Kejief.

Seeing the response to the first part of KJF, which was released without any buzz, the makers increased the cost of the second part. It was screened without compromising on quality and wowed the crowd.

Same thing happened with Karthikeya in Telugu. With the confidence given by Karthikeya in the first part, the second part sounded in the pan India range. People are curious to know how much will be spent on the sequel of Premalu.