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Soundarya's Love Story: Unveiled Secrets! 🌹✨

In the history of Telugu cinema, the name Soundarya stands tall right after the legendary Savitri. Her beauty and acting prowess were unmatched. Despite other heroines dazzling audiences with their glamour roles and stunning dance numbers, Soundarya won hearts with her natural acting and charm, establishing herself as a star heroine. Every hero wanted to act alongside her. She captivated audiences in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam films, acting alongside nearly all star heroes in Telugu cinema.

While many are aware that Soundarya married a software engineer, there were also rumors of her being in love with a star hero at one point. Soundarya and Venkatesh starred in many films together, creating sensational hits. Rumors swirled that they were in love during this time. Later, there were also reports of her being in love with another actor, Jagapathi Babu, who at one point admitted they considered marriage.

However, a little-known fact about Soundarya has now surfaced. In a recent interview, senior actress Nirmala revealed an interesting aspect of Soundarya's life. She disclosed that Soundarya was in love with someone unexpected - her maternal uncle.

Nirmala recounted, “During the shooting of the movie Jayam Manadera abroad, Soundarya and I grew very close. One day, I found her singing joyfully to herself. Curious, I asked her what's up. With a shy smile, she revealed that she was in love with her maternal uncle. Soundarya had many dreams, especially about raising children. She was full of hope for her life, but tragically, she left this world too soon,” said Nirmala emotionally.