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Single Screens: Unfair Treatment To ‘HanuMan’ 🎥👀

Despite generating substantial audience interest in Book My Show, the ground-level reality for the film HanuMan seems challenging. With just four single screens given in Hyderabad on January 12, concerns arise about the film’s reception among the local audience. The movie buffs usually don’t prefer these single screens in the city, but the producer of HanuMan has no other option.

Producer Niranjan Reddy’s appeal for allocating at least ten to fifteen screens was unsuccessful. The imbalance became apparent when Guntur Karam secured up to ninety single screens.

Attempts to reassign screens, including moving ‘Salaar’ to accommodate Devi for ‘Na Samiranga,’ faced hurdles as ‘Salaar’ continued its third week at Sandhya 70 mm. Despite Mythri being the distributor for Salaar and HanuMan, they prefer not to replace Prabhas’ film with another one.

Word of mouth is that HanuMan will get reasonable shows in the multiplexes, but the outcome assessment comes only after the bookings kick-off. The suspense also intensifies regarding the allocation of screens for Hanuman and Guntur Karam in renowned cinemas like Prasad, AMB, and PVR Inox.

The makers of HanuMan are holding a pre-release event tomorrow in Hyderabad with Megastar Chiranjeevi as the chief guest. Post the event, if the new trailer gains a good buzz, there may be a chance for a better film treatment. 🎥👀