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🤒 Sickness for hundreds of people..Medicine is on the road..

👥 Around 500 people fell ill after eating prasadam distributed in a religious function. The incident took place in Maharashtra's Buldana district on Tuesday night. In a village in Lonar, a program called Harinam Sapta was held grandly for a week.

As Tuesday was the last day, people from surrounding villages attended in large numbers. Buldana Collector Kiran Patil said that he fell ill after eating the prasad distributed there. More than 500 people attended the event. After eating prasadam, many of them reported stomach ache, nausea and vomiting. He explained that the health condition of all of them is stable at present. Meanwhile, all those who fell ill have been shifted to the local hospital and are being treated. However, due to shortage of beds there, many patients have to be treated on the road outside the hospital. Saline bottles were arranged on ropes tied to trees and medical services were provided to the victims. 🏥