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Samyuktha Menon: Telugu Cinema Isn't as Comfortable as Malayalam! 🎬

Samyuktha Menon, despite being a part of only a few Telugu films, has rapidly gained popularity among the audience. Known for her dynamic performances in "Bheemla Nayak" and "Virupaksha," Menon has established herself as a leading actress in the industry. Her roles in blockbuster hits like "Bimbisara," "Saar," and "Devil" have only added to her fame.

In a recent interview, Menon shared her thoughts on working in the Telugu film industry compared to Malayalam cinema. She pointed out significant differences, especially in terms of comfort and makeup requirements. "In Malayalam cinema, makeup is minimal and quick, allowing for a more natural look during shooting. I feel completely free while acting there," Menon explained.

However, in Telugu films, the approach is quite different. "You have to be very careful about how you look on screen. The makeup is heavier, and you need to continuously check it during shoots. It feels like there's always something on my skin, which doesn't feel comfortable at all," Menon expressed her discomfort.

Her comments have sparked discussions on social media, turning into a hot topic as fans and industry insiders debate the cultural and procedural differences between the two film industries.