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💔 Renu Desai Hits Back at Trolls for Hurting Her Children 😡

Renu Desai, ex-wife of Pawan Kalyan, has been responding firmly to trolls targeting her and her children. Despite her efforts, some mischief-makers haven't stopped. Recently, she had to turn off the comment section on her Instagram due to the relentless trolling. In a new post, Renu addressed these trolls and meme page admins who shared a family picture of Pawan Kalyan, Anna Lezhneva, Akira, and Aadhya, causing emotional distress to her daughter.

🥺 Daughter Aadhya in Tears

"Don’t you have emotions?" Renu questioned the trolls, sharing that her daughter Aadhya cried after seeing a meme about her mother. She reminded the trolls that they too have families and asked how they would feel if someone joked about their loved ones. Renu expressed her frustration and anger, stating that the hurt caused to her daughter would come back to the trolls.

😢 A Mother's Pain

In her emotional post, Renu said, "Imagine how my daughter must have felt this morning seeing a trash meme page on Instagram making jokes about her mother. You make jokes about celebrities and politicians' families, but you also have mothers, sisters, and daughters. How have people become so heartless? Just because you have internet access, you think you can post anything about celebrities?"

🔥 Renu's Determination

Renu mentioned that she had thought a hundred times before posting this, but seeing her daughter's pain made her unable to hold back. Despite deciding to leave the trolls to their fate, the tears of her daughter compelled her to speak out once more.