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Rare Animal Spotted in Nallamala After 154 Years! 🦌🌿

An animal thought to be extinct for over 150 years has been spotted again, bringing immense joy to wildlife enthusiasts. This rare sighting took place in the Nallamala Wildlife Sanctuary, where forest department officials confirmed the presence of the animal with great excitement.

Details of the Sighting:

  • Location: Nallamala Forest, Nandyal District

  • Animal: Wild Gaur (Indian Bison)

  • Last Seen: 1870

  • Recent Sighting: January this year in Velugodu Range, now in Bairluti Range

The wild gaur, usually found in the Western Ghats, was captured on camera traps in the Atmakur Forest Division's Bairluti Range. The officials speculate that the gaur might have crossed the Krishna River from Karnataka to reach Nallamala.


This sighting is significant as it marks the return of a species believed to be extinct in the region for over a century. It highlights the rich biodiversity of the Nallamala forests and the importance of continued conservation efforts.

Forest Department's Reaction:

The forest officials were ecstatic upon confirming the sighting. They believe this could be a positive sign for wildlife conservation in the area and are keen to monitor the gaur's movement to ensure its safety.