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#RamCharanFansUpsetWithDirectorShankar 🎬🔥

Director Shankar, known for his grand cinematic projects, is currently facing serious criticism from Mega Power Star Ram Charan's fans. The delay in the release of the much-anticipated film Game Changer has left fans frustrated. Despite having started the project almost three years ago, the film is yet to hit the screens, leaving fans eagerly waiting.

After the massive success of RRR, Ram Charan teamed up with Shankar for Game Changer. However, the prolonged production has led to growing impatience among fans. Recently, Shankar announced that there are still ten days of shooting left for Game Changer and that this work will only resume after the release and promotion of his other project, Indian 2.

This revelation has not gone down well with Ram Charan's fans. They feel that Shankar has been prioritizing Indian 2 over Game Changer, especially since Indian 2, which started much later, is already ready for release. The announcement of Indian 3 further added to their frustration, as updates about Game Changer remain sparse.

In his latest statement, Shankar mentioned that the release date for Game Changer would be decided only after completing all work on Indian 2, finishing the remaining shoot for Game Changer, and checking the rough cut. However, he did not provide a specific timeline for these actions, leaving fans in the dark.

This delay and lack of clear communication have led Ram Charan's fans to express their anger and disappointment, demanding a more efficient planning and execution from the renowned director.