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Raghu Rama Krishnam Raju Respond On Not Getting Narasapuram Mp Ticket

As part of the alliance with the TDP and Janasena parties, the candidates for the 6 Lok Sabha seats allotted to the BJP in Andhra Pradesh have been announced. Narasapuram YSRCP MP Raghuramakrishnan Raju did not get a place in this list. BJP State Secretary Bhupathiraju Srinivasavarma has been allotted ticket for Narasapuram Lok Sabha seat. Raghuramaraju commented that although politics is known to be brutal, it has now been experienced. He said that his fans should not be upset about not getting the Narasapuram ticket. He said that NDA will win whether he is in the election ring or not. He expressed hope that Chandrababu will come to power. He said that he will stay in politics and teach Jagan a proper lesson. He said that Narasapuram seat was not allotted to him due to Jagan's influence. He said that it is well known that Jagan is close to some BJP leaders. Will he contest from Narasapuram? Time will tell the answer from another point of view. He said that he will not let what Jagan wants to happen. He said that the alliance will definitely win in the upcoming elections.. Jagan said that cheap tricks will not work.