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🚀 Prime Minister Modi's visit to Tamil Nadu..

🌍 Prime Minister Modi laid foundation stones and inaugurated many development works in Tamil Nadu. Prestigious projects built at the center of Thoothukudi were dedicated to the race. The first hydrogen hub port in the country has been established here. These projects also include outer harbor and container terminals. Development works worth more than 17 thousand crore rupees have been started by the hands of Modi.

🚢 Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation stone for the second spaceport of the Indian Space Research Organization at Kulasekharapatnam. This spaceport will be established in an area of 2 thousand acres. It is being built as an alternative to Sriharikota. As Kulasekharapatnam is closer to the equator than Sriharikota, transportation of rocket parts will be easier. Both time and cost will be reduced. 🌌