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Salaar X Review: Goosebumps Interval.. Death Mass Climax.. Bloody Blockbuster 🌟🔥

Pan India star Prabhas starrer Salaar Part-1 directed by KGF fame Prashant Neel is getting massive response on Twitter. The fans say that the original movie was mentally enhanced🤩

Oh, I've heard it for so many years! Yes, as soon as Twitter is opened, the rebel star Prabhas fan's collar is raised and goose bumps are coming to see the way he is coming from the theater. The movie 'Salar' is getting a positive response on Twitter. As expected earlier, netizens are making posts saying that this is a mass come back for darling Prabhas. Looking at the elevations given by director Prashant Neel, fans are tweeting that it looks like a theater or a stadium. Some people are getting emotional saying that Prashant Neil has kept his promise.And let's have a look at the range of buzz on Twitter about the movie. Salaar movie came to the audience today amid huge expectations. Apart from Telugu, the movie was released in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi languages. The shows have already premiered in the US. Similarly, in Telangana too, shows are being held from night. As a result, people who have seen the movie express their opinions through X.Fans coming from the theater gave feedback saying, "Aha, this is not a massacre.. Rachakota. What a movie Bhayya has made. The fights are like mixing Rajamouli and Boyapati in the mix. Three scenes are enough in the original movie. This is a mental mass blockbuster. We hit it. The movie is better than KGF." . 🎬👍😃"