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🎥 'Dunky' was removed for 'Salar' in that theatre! 🎬

(Salaar) It is known that Prabhas is being treated unfairly in North India regarding the allotment of movie theaters. Some multiplexes have given more theaters to Shah Rukh Khan's movie 'Dunki' and given less to 'Salar'. 🤩🎥The film of Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan has been released, which means that even if it is not released in any theater in the country, it must be released in one theater in Mumbai. 🇮🎦🇳That is Mumbai's largest single screen theater Maratha Mandir. Shahrukh Khan's evergreen hit movie 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' has been showing in this theater for the past 29 years. 🤯🎥

Every morning show will take this movie show. The remaining three games will be devoted to new movies. Shah Rukh Khan's movie 'Dunki' which was released on 21st of this month was also released in this theatre. Three games were 'dunked'. 🎉🍿 However, yesterday (December 22) 'Salaar' was released worldwide. Prabhas fans are disappointed that the movie has not been allotted proper theaters in North India. 🤩🙌The reason for this was Shahrukh Khan's 'Dunky' movie. Multiplex chains like Inox, PVR, Mirage have also not allotted more shows to 'Salar' for 'Dunky'. 🤨🍿 When the production company Hombale Films entered the field, it is known that they all got their way and allocated 50-50 for 'Dunky' and 'Salar'. 🤝🎬 Shahrukh Khan's fans are angry in this situation. 🙏🎥On the other hand, bad propaganda is also being done on 'Salar'. 📰📢 If 40 tickets are sold for the movie 'Dilwala Dulhania Le Jayenge', then only 15 tickets are sold for 'Salar'. 😮🎫Meanwhile, the theaters in Telugu states were once again buzzing on the occasion of the release of the movie 'Salar' yesterday. The fans of Prabhas, who were eagerly waiting for this movie, queued up at the theatres. 🎆🎟️