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Pooja Hegde’s Secret Boyfriend Exposed ✨

Pooja Hegde's momentum is now down in Telugu. With consecutive flops, Pooja Hegde seems to have been sidelined by the Telugu makers. It seems that there are not many offers for this doll in Tamil as well. And Pooja Hegde is getting projects in Bollywood. The film with Salman Khan was a disaster. Vijay's beast was also beaten. But in Telugu, it has been a hit for a long time. Leaving the movies aside.. Pooja Hegde is trending well on the net with her beauty. Now there are discussions on the net about Pooja Hegde's boyfriend. For the past three to four years, there have been discussions about the identity of Pooja Hegde's boyfriend. Pooja Hegde looked good in the middle of Bee Town with Tara Sutaria's ex-boyfriend Rohan Mehra. With this, everyone thought that these two are in a relationship and dating. But later news came that both of them are just good friends. A video is currently trending on the net. Is it old? Is it new? There is no clarity about that. But there are comments saying that he is Pooja Hegde's boyfriend. With this Pooja Hegde fans are sharing broken heart symbols. The tribe is struggling saying how much work you have done buttabomma. Currently, the video of Pooja Hegde and him in the car is doing the rounds.