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#PawanKalyan Changes Stance as Deputy CM 💼

Kakinada, July 1: Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan, while addressing the people of Pithapuram, expressed gratitude and shared his thoughts on the responsibilities he has taken up. He acknowledged the significance of his roles and mentioned that understanding them took some time. During his visit, he emphasized his commitment to working hard and delivering results. This visit marks his first to the Pithapuram constituency as Deputy CM, where he distributed pensions to the elderly, widows, and the differently-abled at Gollaprolu village.

Pawan Kalyan distributed ₹7 to each beneficiary under the NTR Bharosa Pension scheme and addressed local issues. He highlighted that previous CM Chandrababu Naidu also acknowledged the plight of the differently-abled, leading to the increase in pensions for them. He criticized the previous government for spending ₹600 crores on buildings in Rushikonda instead of development projects.

Pawan Kalyan stated that he refused to accept office furniture from the authorities, opting to purchase it himself to avoid corruption. He stressed the importance of clean governance and vowed to ensure every household gets tap water under the Jal Jeevan Mission. He questioned why funds from the central government were not utilized for development and announced that he would donate his salary for the welfare of the state.

Pawan Kalyan pointed out the lack of drinking water in regions surrounded by water bodies, blaming past administrations. He also emphasized the need for skill development among the youth, promising to work towards uncovering and nurturing hidden talents.