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Pawan Kalyan's "OG" Faces Release Delay Due to OTT Deal Issues

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film “OG” directed by the talented Sujeeth is one of the highly anticipated action films in his career. Fans have sky-high expectations for this movie, as it promises to showcase Pawan’s talent in a perfect action-packed subject after a long time. However, recent developments have raised doubts about its release timing.

Rumors started suggesting that the film might not release as scheduled and could be pushed to December or even next year. The main reason behind this delay is the incomplete OTT deal. Initially, the makers received huge offers for the OTT rights, but they couldn’t finalize the deal without confirming the release date. Now, with the release date approaching, there seems to be no OTT slot available, leading to a potential delay.

Additionally, OTT platforms are reportedly struggling to match the budget suitable for the film, given the high expectations surrounding it. This budget constraint is another significant reason for the release postponement.

With the buzz around the film, it is clear that the OTT deal needs to be substantial. However, the right price and timing have yet to be aligned, possibly delaying the film to the end of this year or even the next.