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#PadmaShriPlight: Renowned Musician Turned Daily Wager in Hyderabad

At 73, Darshanam Mogulaiah, a celebrated Padma Shri awardee, now faces a stark reality far removed from the accolades and recognition he once received. Known for his exceptional talent in playing the rare musical instrument 'Kinnera', Mogulaiah was seen working as a daily wage laborer at a construction site in Turkayamjal, near Hyderabad. His transition from an acclaimed musician to a laborer is not just surprising but deeply troubling.

Despite receiving a substantial cash grant of Rs 1 crore from the Telangana government two years ago, Mogulaiah's financial circumstances rapidly deteriorated. The money, initially meant to secure his future, was spent on pressing family needs including his son's medical expenses and his children's weddings. Further hardships followed when the monthly honorarium of Rs 10,000 was unexpectedly stopped, and a promised plot of land remains undelivered. Today, he struggles daily to make ends meet, grappling with poverty and neglect despite his significant contributions to India's cultural heritage.