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🕊️👀 Officials blocked Rahul's visit to the temple..

👤 From the first day of Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra, many bitter experiences are being faced. A case was registered against the organizers of the trip when they landed in Assam after completing the padayatra in Manipur.

An FIR was registered that they continued to walk in unauthorized areas. However, Rahul Gandhi, who went to visit the Batadrava Than temple on Monday morning, was denied entry by the authorities there. With this, Rahul Gandhi got into an argument with the officials. "We want to visit the temple. What crime have I committed? Why are you not allowed to enter the temple?.. We did not come to create problems. Just worship and go. Does Prime Minister Modi decide who will enter the temple? He made key comments. They also asked the officials why they were blocking the entry into the Alayam.

After this incident, local Congress leaders and workers took to the road and protested in Nagov. Meanwhile, the temple authorities have revealed many things. They said that the darshan has been temporarily closed as the Prana Pratishtha program of Bala Rama is going on in Ayodhya. They said that after all the programs are over, everyone will be allowed inside at 3 pm. However, the temple committee has made an announcement that only local MLAs and MPs will be allowed to enter Prana Pratishta today. 🕊️🏛️