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Niharika Konidela on Bunny-Unfollow Incident 📰

Niharika Konidela recently attended the teaser launch event of her new web movie, "Committee Kurrollu". During the event, she interacted with the media and answered several questions. One question from a reporter about Bunny unfollowing Sai Dharam Tej on social media caught everyone's attention. Niharika, seemingly unaware of the incident, responded with surprise and tact.

Niharika is known for her busy schedule, producing and acting in web series. Her latest venture, "Committee Kurrollu", has generated a lot of buzz with its intriguing teaser. During the teaser launch, Niharika gave a brief speech but spent considerable time interacting with the media.

The media brought up the trolling Bunny faced after the election results and the trending Mega vs Allu topic. Sai Dharam Tej unfollowing all Allu family members, including Sneha Reddy and Bunny, was a significant incident that reignited discussions about a rift between the Mega and Allu families.

When asked about this, Niharika expressed surprise, saying she was unaware of Tej unfollowing Bunny. She cleverly added that everyone has their reasons for their actions, subtly addressing the issue without confirming any feud. Niharika's response seemed to acknowledge the ongoing cold war between the families without directly stating it.