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"Never Lifted a Trophy? Then How Much Should I Have? 😂🏆"

Former India all-rounder Ravi Shastri has slammed Michael Vaughan for his comments about the T20 World Cup being in favor of the Indian team. Vaughan had claimed that all the matches were scheduled to benefit India, igniting a fiery response from Shastri.

Vaughan's Allegations:

Michael Vaughan alleged that the ICC had scheduled the 2024 T20 World Cup matches to suit India's convenience. According to Vaughan, India knew when and where they would play their semi-finals, and all their matches were scheduled in the morning in the West Indies, allowing Indian fans to watch them at night.

Shastri's Rebuttal:

In an interview with Times Now, Ravi Shastri hit back at Vaughan's claims, saying:

"Michael Vaughan can say whatever he wants. It doesn't bother anyone in India. He should first handle his own team. He should remember what happened to England in the semi-final. India has won the World Cup trophy multiple times. I know England has won it twice, but India has lifted it four times. Before he talks, he should think. He is working with me, and this is my response to him."

India recently defeated South Africa to win the T20 World Cup title, adding another feather to their cap.