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Nenu Keerthana Movie Sai Rajesh Releases a Beautiful Song 🌟🎵

Meet the multi-talented Chimata Ramesh Babu (CHR), making his mark as both hero and director in an upcoming multi-genre film under Chimata Productions. Presented by NRI Chimata Jyothirmaye, with Chimata Lakshmi Kumari producing, this film promises to be a cinematic treat. Starring alongside CHR are Rishitha and Meghana, who play his love interests.

The film's romantic song "Seethakokai Egirindhi Manase," shot in the picturesque Kullu Manali, was recently released by the sensational director and producer Sai Rajesh, known for the blockbuster hit BABY. After watching the song, Sai Rajesh wished CHR a bright future in the film industry.

CHR expressed his gratitude to Sai Rajesh for releasing the song despite his busy schedule. Highlighting the movie, CHR mentioned the lavishly shot songs in Kullu Manali, six thrilling rope fights, a unique storyline, and an engaging screenplay.

The film features a talented cast, including Sandhya, Jeeva, Vijay Rangaraju, Jabardasth Apparao, Jabardasth Sunny, and Rajkumar in key roles. The release date, eagerly awaited by fans, will be announced soon!