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Nagarjuna Missed Blockbuster

Nagarjuna, a top hero in the Telugu film industry, is known for his diverse roles and his special connection with family audiences. Despite his successful career, he missed out on some blockbuster hits due to scheduling issues. One such film was "Badri," directed by Puri Jagannadh, which eventually became a career-defining movie for Pawan Kalyan.

Originally, Puri Jagannadh approached Nagarjuna with the story of "Badri." However, due to his packed schedule, Nagarjuna couldn't adjust his dates and had to pass on the project. The story then landed in the hands of Pawan Kalyan.

When Puri narrated the story to Pawan, he suggested a change in the climax. The next day, Puri presented the modified version, but Pawan, noticing the alteration, asked for the original ending to be restored. Puri, confident in his storytelling, expressed his preference for the original climax. Impressed by Puri's confidence, Pawan agreed to do the film as it was initially narrated.

The result? "Badri" turned out to be a massive hit, marking a significant turning point in Pawan Kalyan's career.


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