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#MyNewHome: Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan’s Promise to Pithapuram 🏡✨

Deputy Chief Minister Pawan Kalyan made his first visit to the Pithapuram constituency after winning with a bumper majority in the Assembly elections. In a grand public meeting at Uppada Bus Stand Center, he made some heartwarming comments. Pawan Kalyan expressed his gratitude to the people of Pithapuram for electing him as their MLA and for bringing him the Deputy CM position which he never sought.

Pawan Kalyan announced that he has purchased 3 acres in Pithapuram and has become a resident of the area. He said the victory given by the people of Pithapuram has made him a topic of discussion in national politics. He bowed down and thanked the people for giving him such a grand victory, stating that a 100% strike rate in elections is something unprecedented in the country.

Development Promises for Pithapuram:

  • Sericulture Development: Promised significant advancements in sericulture.

  • Cold Storage Facility: Announced the construction of a cold storage facility for horticultural crops in Gollaprolu.

Pawan Kalyan assured the people that he would govern selflessly and without corruption. His love and affection for his constituency have left the people delighted and hopeful.