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🌧️Monsoon Magic: Good News for Telugu States! 🌦️

The Southwest Monsoon is moving actively, bringing great news for the Telugu states. The Weather Department has announced that the monsoon will hit Andhra Pradesh by June 2 and Telangana by June 10. This means relief from the scorching summer heat as the monsoon is expected to cover more areas in the next 2-3 days, according to the Visakhapatnam Cyclone Warning Center. Andhra Pradesh can expect rains starting June 2, with dry weather and light to moderate rains in the southern coast.

The monsoon has already touched the Kerala coast and is advancing actively. With heavy clouds covering parts of India, there are significant rainfall activities. Andhra Pradesh is gearing up for the first showers of the season, with strong chances of monsoon covering the state in the next two days. Weather officials predict that the monsoon will enter Rayalaseema in the first week of June if conditions remain favorable.

Meanwhile, Hyderabad's weather department has brought good news for Telangana farmers, announcing the monsoon's arrival by June 10. The monsoon is expected to cover Andhra Pradesh in the next two days and Telangana by June 10, spreading across the state by June 11. Rains are likely from June 1 for three days.