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🌀 MLC Kavitha who turned the wheel, councilors backed down on distrust 🗳️🎙️

BRS MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha and Jagityala councilors of that party met in Hyderabad on Tuesday. Councilors led by local MLA Sanjay Kumar and MLC L Ramana held key discussions with MLC Kavitha after the councilors passed a no-confidence motion on the vice-chairman. Speaking on this occasion, MLC Kavitha said that the party has given opportunities to all and will provide equal opportunities in the future. He said that in the coming period the party will get stronger and get the blessings of the people. He clarified that BRS party is a nickname for discipline.

At this moment of having to fight hard against the anti-people activities of the ruling party, everyone is of the opinion that it is necessary to travel together. So it is suggested to reconsider the motion of no confidence. As per the instructions of MLC Kavitha, the councilors took a decision on the spot to back down on the motion of no confidence. The councilors announced that they will not participate in the vote of no confidence on Wednesday. After the Congress government came to power, the number of councilors switching parties is increasing. Due to this, the noise of no-confidence motions started in many districts. This phenomenon is more common in Nalgonda and Warangal district. However, the key leaders of BRS are working hard for the party by entering into the field and holding discussions without letting their councilors slip away. 🇮🇳👥✨