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Mega Family vs Allu Family

The rift between the Mega family and the Allu family is deepening, especially in the context of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections. The dispute reached a peak when Ram Charan supported Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan's campaign in Pithapuram, while on the same day, Allu Arjun supported YSRCP candidate Shilpa Ravichandra Kishore in Nandyal, surprising Mega fans. Despite Bunny's claim of supporting a friend, fans questioned why he didn't support Pawan Kalyan.

Recently, during Pawan Kalyan's swearing-in ceremony as a minister in Andhra Pradesh, almost everyone from the Mega family attended, but no one from the Allu family was present. Adding fuel to the fire, Mega hero Sai Dharam Tej unfollowed Allu Arjun on Instagram and Twitter, though he still follows Allu Sirish.

This incident went viral on social media, reigniting the Mega fans vs. Allu fans war. Mega fans criticized Bunny, stating that distancing from the Mega family was justified, while Allu Arjun's fans claimed that Sai Tej's unfollowing doesn't affect Bunny.

As tensions rise, Mega fans have even threatened to boycott Allu Arjun's upcoming movie, "Pushpa 2." Comments on social media reflect the growing divide, with some Mega fans declaring they will no longer support Bunny.