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Mandatory Reservations for Calangute Beach 🌊

Hey guys! If you're planning a trip to Goa, especially the famous Calangute Beach, there's a new rule you need to know! From now on, you’ll need to make a reservation before you hit the sands. The local panchayat made this decision to keep the beach clean and safe for everyone. 🏖️

People from all over the world come to enjoy the beautiful beaches in Goa, but some tourists have been causing problems. They drink, eat, and leave a lot of trash behind, making the place dirty. The Calangute Panchayat wants to stop this by asking tourists to reserve their visit in advance. 🌍🗑️

The panchayat discussed this issue at a meeting earlier this month. They talked about how tourists park their vehicles anywhere, cook in public places, and leave a mess behind. To handle this, they’ve decided to set up check points at five entry routes to the beach. If you don’t have a reservation, you might have to pay an extra tax. 🚓💰

The Calangute village head, Joseph Sequeira, said this rule will help make sure everyone enjoys the beach responsibly. The panchayat is also planning to write a letter to the district collector to get police check posts set up at the entry points. So, next time you plan your beach day at Calangute, don’t forget to book ahead! 🏝️📅