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Manchu Manoj and Mounika Welcome Their Newborn Baby Girl Home!

Tollywood rockstar Manchu Manoj and his wife Mounika have recently been blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Mounika delivered their daughter on Saturday, April 13, much to the joy of their family and fans.

The news was first announced by Manchu Lakshmi through social media, stating, "With the blessings of the gods, a little goddess has arrived at our home. We are thrilled to announce Manoj and Mounika have a daughter, whom we affectionately call MM Puli."The couple, along with their son Dhairav, returned home from the hospital, and the arrival was celebrated with traditional festivities. Videos of the warm welcome, filled with rituals and flowers, have gone viral on social media, showing a very happy Dhairav. Last year in March, Manoj and Mounika tied the knot in their second marriage, where Dhairav, Mounika's son from a previous relationship, was also present. A few months ago, the announcement of Mounika's pregnancy had also gone viral, followed by widely shared pictures from her baby shower. With the arrival of little Mahalakshmi, the joy of Manchu Manoj and Mounika knows no bounds.