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#MaheshBabu's Sibling Banter Steals the Show at Family Event!

In the midst of pre-production for his much-anticipated movie with director S.S. Rajamouli, superstar Mahesh Babu was recently spotted sporting a new look. At a family function in Hyderabad, a playful exchange between Mahesh and his sister Manjula captured everyone's attention, subsequently going viral on social media.

Mahesh, who has been rigorously preparing for his role, attended the event with his family. During the gathering, his sister Manjula greeted him warmly, and upon noticing his longer hair, teased him about his new appearance. Responding with a smile, Mahesh joked that it was all part of his preparation for the upcoming film. The light-hearted moment shared between the siblings was adored by fans and captured in a video that is now spreading joy across the internet.