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Mahesh Babu's Rejects Made Allu Arjun A Star!

In the Telugu film industry, directors often write stories with Mahesh Babu in mind. If he rejects a script, it goes to other heroes. 🎬 Mahesh is currently working on a movie with Rajamouli, which might take about three years to complete. The project’s structure, whether it will be a single or multi-part film, is still unclear.

Meanwhile, Allu Arjun is filming "Pushpa 2," set to release on December 6. Interestingly, three of the films that Mahesh Babu rejected ended up making Allu Arjun a star! 🌟

  1. Rudramadevi: Directed by Gunasekhar, this film featured Allu Arjun as Gona Ganna Reddy. Originally, Gunasekhar approached Mahesh Babu for this role, but he declined. Allu Arjun took it up and received critical acclaim.

  2. Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo: Directed by Trivikram, this film was initially offered to Mahesh Babu. Due to scheduling conflicts, Mahesh couldn’t take it, and Allu Arjun stepped in. The film became a blockbuster, breaking non-Baahubali records.

  3. Pushpa: Directed by Sukumar, this story was also presented to Mahesh Babu. He suggested changes that Sukumar didn’t agree with, leading to creative differences. Allu Arjun took the role, and "Pushpa" became a massive hit, especially in the Hindi market.

These three films played a significant role in cementing Allu Arjun’s stardom. Fans speculate that Mahesh Babu might have had a different career trajectory had he accepted these roles. 🎥