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Lyrical Video Song Released from 'Devaki Nandana Vasudeva' Movie! 🎵

The film industry buzzes again as Ashok Galla, the grandson of superstar Krishna and nephew of Mahesh Babu, steps into the limelight with his latest project under the direction of Arjun Jandyala, known for his work in 'Guna 369'. The upcoming movie, titled 'Devaki Nandana Vasudeva', promises to be a unique blend of narrative and visuals, with creative inputs from 'Hanuman' fame director Prashant Varma.

Adding to the excitement, the makers of the film have just released the lyrical video song 'Emayyinde' which has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts and fans alike. The song, part of a much-anticipated soundtrack, features the vocal talents of emerging artists set to the tune of mesmerizing music that complements the movie’s emotional depth. Varanasi Manasa stars opposite Ashok Galla, adding her charm and acting prowess to this cinematic venture set against a vibrant backdrop.